Benefits and Drawbacks of an Intimate Wedding at Home

Your wedding is here, and it is one of the biggest days of your life. It is that one day where you want everything in your way. The pandemic has led us to change our ways in almost everything. However, it is showing signs of ending once and for all. But we are still carrying the things we adopted during the pandemic. We altered our occasions too accordingly. We were supposed to stay at our homes and even have celebrations in our own space. The wedding ceremonies turned more intimate with lesser guests and lesser resources. Several couples have continued the trend of hosting intimate weddings at their homes.

Most intimate weddings get hosted at the homes of either bride or groom. Couples tend to have simplistic decorations in their backyards or front yards. Hosting a wedding at home may require numerous efforts, but it can be a great process with a beautiful affair. An intimate wedding lets you have a personalised experience. It can be either at your home or a traditional venue. Your decision to have a wedding at your home can have both pros and cons. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. This article will let you know about the benefits and drawbacks of hosting an intimate wedding at home. The best wedding photography in Gold Coast will tell you whether it is best to host the most beautiful day of your life at home with limited guests.

Benefits of an Intimate Wedding at HomeĀ 

To have a Personalised Experience!
As you are having the wedding ceremony at your home, you can have it in whichever way you want. You get free from the abiding rules and limitations of a wedding hall. It is completely customizable. You can choose everything from the decorations to food and have a fun set-up for your guests to enjoy. You get to pick pretty much every last detail down to the silverware, which gives you a lot of creative freedom. You can explore every avenue of your vision for your wedding. You don’t get to fulfil the criteria of guests at the wedding hall when you have an intimate wedding.

To Make it Memorable & Momentous!
Your home is the most special place for you and your dear ones. And celebrating the most precious moments of your life at your home is beyond special. Whether it is your childhood home or a vacation home, it can be the perfect place to cherish your momentous day. Your story gets the best presentation in your wedding photography or videography at your home. In an intimate wedding, you be the most candid and celebrate it to the fullest with your close friends and family. This aspect can be the best asset for your wedding videographer, who will help to create the best memories.

To have a Budget-Friendly Occasion!
Getting married at your home can save you a lot of money. The wedding halls, event spaces, and hotels can be expensive and hardly available. However, you can also save on food, alcohol, decorations, and carnations in an intimate wedding. It helps you sort your budget and lets you scope out unnecessary expenses. You can have an elegant and customised-themed wedding in your budget at your home. Most couples get inspired to have an intimate wedding primarily for this reason.

To have a Unique Guest Experience!
It has gotten monotonous for couples to get married in the usual wedding halls and hotels. Hosting a wedding at home can let you explore newer things and use your creativity to the fullest. You can coordinate with your wedding photographer and have several wedding themes for a glorious presentation. Only a fraction of couples on the Gold Coast or Australia explore intimate weddings at home. You give yourself and your close friends & family an unforgettable experience.

Drawbacks of an Intimate Wedding at Home

It can get Complicated!
Hosting a wedding at home requires intense planning, and most of the time, you have to do it yourself. You cannot miss out on a single detail because that can turn things haywire. You always have to ensure the logistics of different vendors, which can get complicated when you are doing it yourself. A wedding at home can be prone to numerous errors. Even though you have an intimate wedding, your guests might find it difficult to attend the wedding.

Little Things can get Annoying!
Parking space can be a big issue when there isn’t abundant parking space near your home. You will have to make separate logistical arrangements for guests. Shortage of power outlets can also cause problems. You may not have enough electrical power connection to back up your event. These issues keep you from having your desired wedding. You might have to settle for a basic theme or make urgent arrangements to overcome such discrepancies.

It can cause Property Damage!
If you are having your wedding ceremony in your front yard or back yard, your house can be prone to damage. Wedding receptions are known to get a little wild, so having one at home always runs the risk of damage to the property. You cannot control everything that happens at the event because you are busy getting married. So you might want to keep this in mind to get prepared and insured accordingly.

It might need Permission!
Even if you are hosting a wedding at home, you might need to acquire a few permissions. You need to obtain special permissions, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Also, your neighbours might not agree with your event as they may get disturbed. Permits can be tricky, so make sure whether you need them in your area before committing to getting married in your home.

Even if you are hosting an intimate wedding at home, it is all about the joyous experience. So make sure you celebrate your precious moments to the fullest and that it gets presented and captured well. Your wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Moose & Co remain in sync with you from start to finish. Live the most beautiful moments on the most momentous day of your life. You can always count on us to capture your wedding the way you desire and more. Contact us for the best wedding videography in Gold Coast.

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