The Most Preferred Locations for Wedding Photography

The new beginnings of your life are right around the corner. Your special day comes with loads of emotions and responsibilities. All you need is someone to take the responsibility to capture it perfectly. You can rely on Moose & Co to provide an aesthetic touch to your wedding with all the emotions. We are one of the most artistic wedding videographers in Newcastle. While the most precious moments will happen during the ceremony or the reception, most couples also travel and schedule an exclusive wedding photo session at a special location before the Big Day.

These days, couples are more into pre-wedding photoshoots and wedding films. Wedding photography lets them have an opportunity to capture precious memories and make the most of their wedding experience. And this experience enhances further with beautiful locations. There needs to be a unique location for your personalised and romantic photoshoot. We are here to help you with the best and the most favourable spots for your wedding photoshoots. First of all, here are a few things to consider before selecting a location.

Now let’s get going with the options for the most preferred locations for your wedding photography.

At the Coast
Beach is the best and most preferred destination for wedding photography. You can use the golden hours to add to your aesthetics at either sunrise or sunset. The sand and the cold breeze come to your aid to create remarkable photos. The golden hour will be best for lighting, and you can capture some ecstatic moments together against the fading sun.

Fountains & Water Bodies
Water is the best natural element that adds beauty to the photos. Fountains are always so fascinating. You can consider them for your wedding pictures. Capture the flowing water or freeze it in the frame. Fountains add a playful effect to your theme.

Getting your wedding pictures clicked by a lake or a river is considerable. Water makes for a beautiful natural backdrop for wedding photos. Try to use morning or evening sunlight to capture the best lighting. You can have a rustic or a natural theme with them. Your photographer can help you make good use of shadows and reflections of water.

In the City Lights
Wedding photographs in the heart of the city among the city lights can be a wonderful option. It lets you have a modern theme for your wedding. You can pose in front of buildings or near iconic streets. You can use broad daylight or night-time for your photographs. This theme indicates that you are a bold and unconventional couple. Opt for chic photographs in front of reflective skyscrapers and sleek city skylines.

In Museum or an Art Gallery
An art gallery or a museum is an indoor photo location where you can capture profound wedding photographs. It depicts your interests in art and aesthetics. You may use art pieces and portraits to pose and create beautiful pictures. You might want to use the natural light as much as you can as the lighting is always dim in the environment.

A museum is another indoor location that adds a personalised touch to your theme. There can be several museums to choose from according to your interests. You can opt for single or multiple museums according to your theme.

In a Local Park
You will find nature at its most beautiful at your local parks. Different parks will include various elements, such as art installations, fountains, or perfect natural preserves. Consider capturing candid photographs in these relaxing, natural spaces. There are numerous details in the park that you can use for your theme. Capture the shots of leaves rustling on a tree and flowing water from a fountain, and make sure you are armed with the right lens to do the location justice.

At a Historical Place
There are several spots for wedding photography in Newcastle. You can choose the right historical or monumental place according to your theme. Consider town halls, forts, or the parliament house because they give a spectacular backdrop for your pictures. The steps of Parliament House on Spring Street can be an extremely popular spot for wedding photos. Plus, the historical place adds a stellar value to your wedding story. The couple and the wedding photographers are a team, and they can work wonders if their efforts and ideas sync.

Moose & Co is a team of photographers that gives their best so that you give your best. We mould ourselves according to your requirements and share our vision for locations and themes. Choose Moose & Co. to add an outstanding experience to your priceless moments. Amongst all the preparations and planning, you can have confidence in photography and videography with the best wedding photographers in Newcastle.

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